Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ice Palace Extravaganza!

Courtney, our youth who loves to Blog, had a great time at the Ice Palace this past weekend:

"I had soooo much fun at the Ice Palace! In Boys and Girls Club, if we recruited a friend to join (and they came at least twice a week), we and our friend got to go to Ice Palace for FREE! Everybody that went had a blast. We skated and played games, played ice tag and we ate. I hope we can do something like this again (maybe next time Wet 'n Wild). Also, they had a media crew that took a lot of pictures and videos. They interviewed the people who came and stuff like that! Can't wait for the next field trip!"

Zeren M., 7th grade, was one of the many youth who had some hands-on experience handling the HD camcorder. "Ice palace was AWESOME!!! Skating there is so cool! And the media program took interviews and it was fun!"

Kevin C., a 7th grader who participates in the photography program, used his knowledge of composition and framing to take this great shot with the club's new digital SLR camera. He was really able to capture Zeren's concentration as she was filming the interviews and he gave us an interesting perspective of what it's like to be in front of the camera. He also skillfully eliminated background distractions by using a creative angle while capturing the shot. Great job Kevin!

To check out more photos from the event, you can view our album at Picasa.