Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Venturing up to the Windward Side!

For the third day of our winter program, we headed up to the Windward side (as if it wasn't rainy enough for us in town!) to go bowling and to watch a movie. At Pali Lanes we split into small groups so everyone had plenty of time to bowl.

Ocean, Skyler, Kai and Micah are always hamming it up for the camera!

The older members broke into two teams: "Team Awesome" and "Team LIT," and worked together to try to have the highest combined scores. Team Awesome lived up to their name and won both games!
Introducing Team Awesome: Branden, Shane, AJ and Rachel!

It was also great seeing even the littlest members lifting those huge bowling balls to hit down the pins. Part of Sebastian's skill was his dance he'd do after the threw the ball to encourage it to hit the pins! Everyone had fun even when they weren't bowling--whether it was filming other kids participating, challenging Rob to a staring contest (I think Gabby won most of the time!), or just eating lunch together. And Donovan somehow broke his slipper, so he got a piggy back ride from Miss Dani for the rest of the day!

Then we headed out to Windward Mall to go watch Tangled. We had a little bit of down-time before the movie, so we played 3 games in the center court--Rob led "Follow the Leader," Bri led "Truths" and Dani led "Colors." Our staff always tries to make every last minute fun! When we made it to the theaters, groups of youth put their money together to share snacks and save some money, and then they all sat together to watch the movie. It was really hilarious and everyone seemed to enjoy it!