Friday, March 11, 2011

Celebrating ReaDch Readers!

At Aliamanu, we began a new program called ReaDch. ReaDch is a read-aloud, read-along program that creates a pressure-free environment for youth to read books for enjoyment. Our first book that we read together as a group was Hatchet. In the beginning, Miss Dani read most of the book aloud during each ReaDch session, and the youth quietly followed along. By listening to someone read aloud, it helps the youth improve their reading because someone else is helping them decode the words. By the end of the program, many youth were eagerly raising their hands to take turns reading aloud with Miss Dani.
As a reward for the youth who participated in at least 80% of the sessions, readers were taken on a zipline adventure at Bay View Mini Putt in Kaneohe. The adventure was chosen because it matched the "adventure" theme of the book; however, as we got to the zipline course, it became clear that it also matched the theme of the program in general. Youth were hesitant and nervous at first to try the zipline, similarly to how they felt toward reading aloud at first. But through encouragement and a pressure-free environment, everyone ended up having a great time reading the book and zipping through the air!

Check out what some of our youth had to say about the program and the field trip!

"The ReaDch program was really interesting because at first it was pretty scary and then it got fun! The book was very cool! After we finished the book we got to go to Bay View Zipline! I love this program and I hope we get to do something like this again!" ~Arii
"I had fun doing this program. I liked how I didn't have to read in front of everyone if I didn't want to. And I really liked the book. But my favorite part was the ziplining!" ~Gabby
"I think the ReaDch program helps people to get better at reading. We read the book Hatchet. Most of the time the students read aloud. What I enjoyed about the book Hatchet was that it was interesting. I like how it is mostly about a boy surviving in the woods, trying to build a fire and find food. The zipline was a great and fun experience. I was nervous at first. My heart beat was fast. But once I tried it, it was super awesome. I liked laying back, looking around, and letting my hands go. It was amazing. I enjoyed looking up at the beautiful blue sky. Hope to come back!" ~Huni
"The ReaDch program is about learning from a book as you read it. Hatchet was really mysterious. Then, we went to zipline. Once we put on our gear, we went on the zipline ride. So first I was very scared because I was scared of heights. But when we reached the end, I wasn't scared anymore. So the second time I went, I had overcome my fear and just had fun. I had so much fun today!" ~Justice

Thanks Grant & Evan for such an awesome time today at Bay View!