Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We Like to Go Out with a Splash!

What a great looking group of kids we got to spend time with this week!

At Aliamanu BGCH, we like to finish things on a high note, so that means that we had to end the spring break program with Wet'n'Wild. Although it was the only day that rained in the morning during the whole break, by the time we arrived in Kapolei there were blue, sunny skies. Although there were some difficulties because the Spring Break Party was also happening later during the day, we still had plenty of fun. We learned this time to go on the Raging River first so that we didn't have to wait in line for over an hour. And the kids had tons of fun with their squirt tubes, surprising their friends with a shot of cool water! Miss Dani and Miss Bri spent time in Hurricane Harbor while the youth swam and jumped through the wave pool (by now our kids were expert swimmers). And while Franz braved the Shaka with a few of the boys, Miss Natalie got tons of water dumped on her in the kiddie pool and even had fun playing on the lily pads with the kids and the little ones played Sea Monster tag with Miss Hali. All in all, it was quite an adventurous day. To check out the complete photo album, click here!

I think the kids loved that I actually asked them to squirt me for this pic!
Maria and Zack kept each other company throughout the break program.
Rachel, Franz and Shantae hanging out in the pool!
I'm 99% sure this is Joshua!

Although we were all pretty exhausted at the end of the week, it was so worth it. New friends were made, many children became more courageous through activities like laser tag and swimming in the ocean, and everyone had a chance to be artistic with photography. Its always great to spend extra time with the members that we see on an every day basis, and its even better to meet new youth who join our program for the break. Thank you to everyone who participated! We hope you had even more fun than the staff did!