Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Skating the Day Away at the Ice Palace

An intersession program wouldn't be complete without a trip to the Ice Palace! The chilly arena was a nice follow-up after the sunny beach excursion the day before. Staff members helped the youth tie their laces super tight so their ankles wouldn't wobble too much, and sent them out on the ice. Some more experienced skaters like Jewel helped the younger ones along and helped them get the hang of it before they tried skating on their own. For the first time, Franz and Natalie played Four Corners on the ice--unfortunately, Franz was out on the first round and Natalie was out on the second! A bunch of the kids played limbo too and Staysia and Amber were 2 of the last 3 skaters left on the ice! During breaks to resurface the ice and when the children wanted to rest a bit, they enjoyed hot cocoa and saimin together, played video games and won prizes. Kameron even won an mp4 player! It always amazes me how even after 5 full hours at the rink, the kids still dread getting off the ice at the end of the day. To check out the complete photo album, click here!

"W" is for Winners! Final 3 for the Limbo!
Caden and Miss Bri had a great time skating together...he did so well on the ice!
Vincent had a great time even though he took a few spills!
Alvin, Victoria and Kameron!
Micah, Jeremy and Kyler warming up with some video games!
Kameron and Zachary...this might have been right before Kameron won the mp4 player!
Adrian and Brandon S. hanging out on the ice.
Girls Pic! So cute with Naomi, Zeren, Jewel, Chelsea and Leslie Ann!