Monday, April 4, 2011

Volcom Video featuring Aliamanu BGCH & Coco Ho!

Volcom created a video featuring the Aliamanu BGCH during Coco's second visit to our club and her participation in the GRLZ 4 Change program! Check it out! And read below to see the article about her project with us.

Coco Ho, the heiress to a surfing legacy, is among the new generation of young surfers taking the women's professional surfing circuit by storm. Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, and based on the world famous North Shore, Coco is the youngest in a family of surfing royalty. to say she was destined to surfing greatness is an understatement, and she is well on her way. For Spring and Summer 2011, Volcom teamed with Coco to create the Coco Ho signature Boardshort. This boardshort is also a part of the Give Back Series where Coco chose to give back her time to the charity of her choice: The Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii.

"I feel so fortunate to be where I am in life, to live the life I do and see the amazing places I get to see. I want to give back to help give young girls a chance to live their dreams, just like I do mine."

Check out Coco enjoying some good times and laughs with the Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii.

For more info, visit Coco's website: