Tuesday, August 3, 2010

First Week of School!

The new school year has started with plenty of excitement, new friends and more programs! It's so much fun to meet so many new youth as they walk through our doors for the first time to learn what the club is all about. I especially like having the opportunity to get to know the youths' personalities and to learn more about their interests and unique qualities that they bring to the club.

Our first Blogger Battle topic simply asked the members what they hoped to do this upcoming year in the organization. It was really inspiring to see that they mentioned ideas such as helping others in need and working to preserve our environment. They also hope to have the opportunity for field trips and other adventures. August already has three field trips scheduled: a visit to the Hawaiian Humane Society, a photography excursion to Chinatown and a Leaders in Training trip to Target to study gender stereotypes. The goal is to have at least two field trips planned every month so members have the chance to explore surrounding communities and different parts of the island.

After reading through all of the Blogger Battle entries, one was selected to display on our Blogspot site. Please enjoy the next entry written by Caitlin M!

~Natalie Pawluk Moore, Youth Development Director