Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My First Week of Boys and Girls Club...

Hey. This is Courtney and I am part of the Boys and Girls Club at the school of Aliamanu Middle School. I actually have only been here since Thursday...but still...I guess it counts still. Well, here goes my few days.

I'm gonna start out with my second day of Boys and Girls Club...my first day I only played table tennis. I know...I did say what I did but I didn't get into detail though.

On my second day I had loads of fun and a big surprise. I bought stuff from the snack bar and started to play ping pong...while I did this I saw and recognized some people from my classes, and then another girl named Kortney and you would never guess what happened! It ends up that she went to my old, old school called Keonaula and recognized me from there. I didn't recognize her at first but then it hit me. I did know her! We still keep talking and hanging out up until today. I bet we will tomorrow...I can't wait till tomorrow and I can see all of my friends! That's all about my first week of the Boys and Girls Club...thank you!!

~Courtney N., 7th Grade