Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Humane Society

Hey. This is Courtney. Last Thursday I went to an awesome place called the "Humane Society." This is a very helpful organization, what they do is take care of animals. They pick them up if they are abandoned, then they take care of them and nourish them. Then people can adopt them!

When I went there, after we talked about what we had to do and also after we broke up into teams, we got a scavenger hunt list. Then we broke up into teams. First my team went to the cat house to visit all of the cats. (They were soooo cute!) I didn't actually go in but I went by the window and a cat clawed into my shorts while trying to paw at me. :)

After that we visited all the dogs and watched other cute dogs swim in a pond thing. After that we left but I can't wait until I can go again....thank you! :)

~Courtney N., 7th Grade