Tuesday, September 21, 2010

BGCH Cheers on UH Wahine Volleyball

The Oahu BGCH was given free tickets to the UH Wahine Volleyball game on Saturday evening at the Stan Sheriff Center. Five of our Aliamanu youth joined the other clubhouses to cheer on the Rainbows as they took on BYU and won all three matches. For Natalie, the best part was seeing the five members spend time together and get to know each other in ways they hadn't before at the clubhouse after school. Also, some of the youth took turns using the clubhouse camera to capture some sports photographs! Courtney snapped this awesome shot!

Enjoy the following accounts of the game!

"Hey. This is Courtney. I am going to write about the experience at the volleyball game. It was UH against BYU. When we got there we found our seats and then went and got snacks. After that we came back and watched the game. UH won all three of them! They threw volleyballs, dropped money, and BLASTED tee shirts! (We didn't catch anything though.) Also they played a game called Bunches and the two winners got $100 gift cards! They are lucky, wish that was me. Then we went back to the clubhouse and got picked up. I had an awesome time and I think everybody else did too!"
~Courtney N., 7th Grade

"Going to the UH game was fun because I got to watch UH win and I got awesome pictures of the game and of my friends. Also, the garlic fries and brownie that Courtney bought were really good. Though there was a lot of garlic that me and Natalie didn't finish! But the best part of the game was when UH won, even though we didn't get any prizes."
~Shantae D., 8th Grade

"The field trip to the volleyball game was cool. They cheerleaders were throwing all kinds of cool things. There was a balloon from Jack in the Box dropping money. The UH team won the game, they were good. I liked the game and I would do that again!"
~Dominic D., 8th Grade