Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Operation: Military Kids

A group of military youth in our clubhouse have been participating in a special media project in conjunction with Hawaii's Operation: Military Kids. On Friday we had a wonderful volunteer, Jen, lead the group in a "Speak Out for Military Kids" session to get them thinking about what it means to be a military kid. The youth are now taking what they learned from those discussions and activities and creating a movie for other military youth as well as professionals in the military to share their thoughts with others! Part of the video will include clips of drawings and pieces of advice that the youth felt would benefit other military kids, which I'd like to share here:

"Be what you want to be." ~Aleigha

"Go with the flow." ~Kylar

"Write a letter and stay in touch." ~Sheldon

"Follow your dreams...never give up...and never say never!" ~Maria

"Be yourself." ~Courtney

"Don't be shy." ~Brianna

Stay tuned for when we post the final video so you can see how everything ties together in the end!

~Natalie, Program Director