Tuesday, September 21, 2010

LITs Get Their Hands Dirty at Hanauma Bay

On September 18th, which was a beautiful Saturday, starting at 8:00am in the morning, me (Huni), Justice, Alvin, Shantae, Nat, Rob, James, Nick, Clement and Jake went on a wonderful field trip for the LITs to Hanauma Bay. When we arrived at Hanauma Bay, this nice young lady that works there started guiding us around. She introduced us to Hanauma Bay and brought us inside. She showed us an awesome video about the fantastic ocean. Then she started talking about the types of fish they have, and showed us some amazing fish bones and a huge turtle shell. After we had to go and help our native plants of Hawaii by pulling the other plants from other places. The reason why we were pulling other plants is because it is out growing our native plants. Next we walked down to the cool, refreshing ocean. We played some fun games like "Tag," "Animal or Vegetable?" and "Never Have I Ever."
~Huni P., 8th Grade