Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Chinatown Photo Field Trip

On my field trip to Chinatown we had to take pictures of interesting things. We also got a treasure hunt list. It was really fun. I enjoyed my time there. Some things that were on our list is: bare feet, a flag, your favorite color, things that make us uncomfortable, an abandoned/damaged building, wind, food, a puddle, toys, crying kids, etc. Some pictures that we took were funny/hilarious! We saw a lot of different/cool things. Who knew Chinatown could be so fun? And awesome! There was also some egh/gross stuff over there. Like we saw a lot of dead/raw pigs! Awww! Poor pigs! And Chinatown's food looks mmm/delicious! Ah, I had a wonderful time!

~Huni P., 8th Grade