Friday, January 7, 2011

Battle of the Bottle Balloons!

Today in Mad Science the kids experimented with some chemistry! In a project dubbed “Bottle Balloons” by the youth, they learned how mixing different ingredients creates carbon dioxide that will cause a balloon to inflate. Read on to find out about what they learned!

“During Mad Science we had soda, lemon juice, water, and vinegar to pour into a bottle. Then in a balloon you put baking soda or Pop Rocks. Then you put the balloon over the bottle and the balloon would start to expand because of the carbon dioxide.” ~Shantae D.

“Hey…this is Courtney! Today we had a battle of the bottle balloons. My group filled our bottle with Sierra Mist. We filled our balloon with Pop Rocks and baking soda. Then we put the balloon with the bottle and the balloon blew up. It was really cool!” ~Courtney N.

“I took the vinegar and the baking soda in the bottle and the balloon grew up. The balloon grew because of carbon dioxide.” ~Jamal O.

“Today we did the Bottle Balloons project. It was fun! We combined Pop Rocks, soda and baking soda. It made a big balloon!” ~Gabby C.

“Today was great. I learned how to make carbon dioxide in a bottle with Pop Rocks, lemon juice and baking soda. The balloon blows up when we mixed everything.” ~Keonna M.