Friday, January 21, 2011

Egg Drop!!

Last Friday, the Mad Science program explored physics with the classic Egg Drop experiment. Youth were given a variety of materials to work with and then dropped the eggs from our "back porch" into the parking lot. The kids had a great time whether their eggs made it or not! Read on to hear what the kids thought:

"Well today we did the classic egg drop. I really had a fun time. When I dropped the egg, I felt that it was going to crack. But because of my cushy cushioning, my egg didn't. I wish it did!" ~Raphael

"My egg did not break because I had foam around it and the egg was in the middle and it was wrapped around in duct tape and the foam guarded it." ~Rudy

"My egg didn't break during the egg toss because I made sure that it was safely wrapped. Also because I made sure I didn't slam it to the ground." ~Shantae

"I really liked egg dropping. My egg was wrapped perfectly. But I kind of got carried away and threw it hard." ~Keonna

"Today we did an egg drop. It was fun! I put a lot of soft things in my cup, then I put my egg on top and more soft things. I was happy that my egg made it!" ~Gabby

"I don't think my egg cracked because it bounced!!" ~Tomoko

"I thought this was fun. I liked this because we had to come and think of ways for it not to crack. In the end it was the bomb!" ~Esther

"Mine broke because maybe I didn't use enough soft stuff or maybe it was too high to fall. And maybe I need to be more careful!" ~Patrick