Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Welcome Coco Ho!

Today was a really special day at the club. We welcomed a new volunteer to our team--Coco Ho! For those of who you don't know, Coco is a 19 year old surfer on the World Tour, sponsored by Volcom. With the help of Volcom's Sustainability & Outreach Director Derek, Coco chose the Aliamanu Boys & Girls Club as the site for her volunteer service. She'll be dedicating 50 hours of service to our club throughout the next year, leading special projects with our youth and other club youth around the island.

To prepare for our special guest, the members made a sign out of surfboards that said "Welcome Coco Ho!" It was a great way to show her how excited they were for her to come. We introduced her during our weekly announcements and the kids answered trivia questions to win some awesome prizes that Derek brought with him--Volcom tee shirts, stickers, hats and more!
Then Coco played a few games with the kids. She participated in the "Under Over Sponge Relays," played a game of pickup basketball, and helped her team win at pool! Read on to hear how much fun the kids had with her!

"I had a fun time with Coco. She is really cool to be around. I had fun playing basketball and at the pool table, but most of all I liked it when we were talking about college and high school. I told her I was going to Kahuku and she was surprised. I really think she is a good friend and I would never forget the time we were talking and she told me I am just like her friends at Kahuku High. I hope I meet her again!" ~Melysa K.
"Coco and JP beat Preston, Brandon and me in pool. She was very good at pool because she made most of the balls go in!" ~Chelsea

"I had an amazing time with Coco. We had a really fun time playing basketball and she is an awesome ping pong and pool player. And she smells like mangoes!" ~Preston

"Coco Ho is a very nice girl. She's super pretty and the most youngest girl surfer, and she was the youngest to enter the world tour! I would want to hang out with Coco to know her more and to be friends with her." ~Jaimie
"Today Coco Ho came to the Boys & Girls Club. She is cool and really nice! It was pretty fun meeting her. It was awesome for her to come visit us!" ~Caitlin

"Coco was a pretty cool person. I played basketball with her and she made a few shots and made me laugh sometimes. She should start coming here from now on. She's a cool person." ~Branden W.

"I had fun with Coco Ho. We did a picture of all of us in the end. It was fun!" ~Gabby

"Coco is good at pool. She won with JP. We won at basketball when I was on her team. And she almost beat me at ping pong!" ~Brandon B.