Friday, February 4, 2011

Aliamanu & Spalding Teen Sleepover

The night before our big recycling project at the Pro Bowl, the Aliamanu & Spalding staff decided that it'd be fun to let the teens have a group sleepover. Rob hosted the event at the teen center, and it was a great way for the two groups of youth to meet each other and be ready to work side by side the next day. I debated sharing all the details of the night, but it was so hilarious, and the youth wrote wonderful blogs about it, so I had to include it on the Blogspot for the sake of historical reference. Because basically, this night will go down as one of the best ever for the LIT program. :)

Read on to hear two different accounts of the night! (One from the girls' perspective and one from the boys!)

"When I arrived at Spalding Clubhouse, I played foosball with Justice. I also played Dance Central with Gabby. Then I watched the Spalding boys play a video football game. After, me, Natalie, Justice, Alvin, Branden, Gabby, Shantae, Davion, Savannah, and Kawehi played a fun game of basketball. Then we went upstairs to the music room and played three games. The three games were "Truths," "Colors," and "How Well Do You Know Your Friend." After we all went downstairs inside the gym for a challenging game of dodge ball. Later it was dinner time. We decided to walk over to Zippy's and buy some delicious food with Natalie. When we finished our supper, we watched a funny movie called The Other Guys. When the movie was over, Rob told us some scary stories of the clubhouse and the rules for hide and seek. It was scary because it was really dark and silent. When the awesome game of hide and seek was over, we went to our rooms. In the girls' room we talked and played card games. Then we had an idea to prank the boys. We sneaked quietly into their room and drew on their faces, arms and legs. We also put frosting and cupcakes on them! We returned to our rooms, laughed, talked and went to sleep late!" ~Huni P.

"On Saturday at 5:00pm, I arrived at the Spalding Clubhouse to get ready for a sleepover. We did a lot of games till we went to sleep at midnight. So once everyone started to arrive, we played basketball. It was boys against girls. It was so much fun! Then we went to the performing arts studio to play games. Then after we played dodgeball. We split up into two teams, Aliamanu vs. Spalding...Aliamanu always lost! After we played dodgeball we went to buy our dinner. Some of us went to Jack in the Box and some went to Zippy's. I remember Shantae borrowed my money. After we bought our food, we watched a movie called "The Other Guys." That movie was funny and weird!

So after we watched the movie, we played hide-n-seek. Our first hiding spot was in the performing arts studio. I remember when we were running inside the performing arts studio, we ran in the back and then Savannah bumped into the chair rack. But then when we were talking so loudly, we heard this noise, and the door shook very loud, and then we ran at the end of the corner and we were huddling up with Miss Natalie and while Miss Dani was standing and hiding right next to the cabinet. Dani was like "What was that!?" So Natalie told us that we should go back to the teen center, so we ran to the teen center so then once we came downstairs, the people who were "it" found us. So we were the first ones out, and we were still shouting and running to the teen center. So Shantae and Huni were now "it." Our second hiding spot was under the big table with all these boxes and supplies. We were hiding under the tables for like 30 minutes and then during the 30 minutes, I remember that everyone was on the phone and I remember that I said "I need to pee!" and I was so scared! But maybe that wasn't me who said all was my twin brother...haha! So while we were waiting we were all found by Mr. Rob. Rob told Huni and Shantae to "stay" and then stayed in their hiding place in the shower. And then Mr. Rob totally messed up and confused everyone! Oh, and Mr. Franz was hiding in the same room with us, but he was hiding on the other side of the corner. So Alvin and Jin are now it, and our third hiding spot was in the classroom. I was hiding by the cabinet and and the rest of the group was hiding under the tables at the other corner. So when Jin and Alvin came in the classroom, I was rolling and crawling under the table. But once they came here, they have already found so I was the first one out. But when they asked me if I was alone, I lied and said I was, but really there were Aliamanu people hiding in there too. So I ran back to the teen center until everyone got caught. And then when the game was over it was me and Chapman's turn to be it, so we just found everybody.

So after the game, we started to go to bed, but everyone was like "No way, we don't want to go to sleep! Can't we play just one more game?" but then we went to bed after midnight. So Mr. Franz, Alvin and I were the only ones awake, while everyone else was sleeping. I was looking at the ceiling and there was a drawing of a clown that really creeped me out. But then I started making Alvin go to sleep by singing him a song, it went like this: "Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep little evil" hahaha! Once Alvin went to sleep, I was starting to fall asleep. Once we went to sleep, the door was opened and the girls came in very quiet and they had pulled a prank on us. We woke up and I saw Alvin's forehead and there was "Hi" written on it. I had something on my palm and it was filled with frosting. The rest of the girls were putting cupcake icing on all of the boys who were sleeping. So we all woke up and went to see the girls and I was sure they were acting so innocent. They planned to do this while Dani, Bri and Natalie were sleeping. (Side Note: We weren't asleep! That's what we convinced the boys!) So I had fun at the sleepover!" ~Justice M.

"...Then when we were all sleeping the girls put frosting on all of us! I was like "What is this?" the I licked it and went back to sleep." ~Alvin M.

As you can see, the kids had a great time. Rest assured that they were supervised the whole time and that everyone was safe! It was obvious that the sleepover brought the whole group together much closer and everyone loves retelling stories from their fun night. Needless to say, the staff had to function on less than an hour of sleep the next day--but it was worth it for all the laughs!