Monday, February 28, 2011

Exploring Density in Mad Science

"Today we did an experiment called Layered Density. First you have liquids (I can't remember what kind) and then you put in the thickest to the thinnest substance. In between all of those I put dish soap. The liquid separates from thickest to thinnest. The last two mix. I think this is because they have the same density. I also put a bottle cap in it and it floated. I think this is because it also has the same density. I hope we do something like that was cool!" ~Courtney N.
"Today in Mad Science we layered density. First I poured in syrup, color green. Then I put in alcohol, color orange. Next I poured in soap, color yellow. The soap went under the alcohol. So now the colors are green, yellow and orange. And it looks cool. Thanks Dani!" ~Huni P.

"Today we made layered density and mine's kind of messed up! The materials that we used were water, dish soap, alcohol and syrup and I think that mine messed up because of the water. Oh well...I'll do a better job next time (I hope!) was fun!" ~Arii V.
"It's messed up because I never poured it slowly. But I think it's awesome. I learned that liquids that weigh more sink." ~Melysa K.

"I feel mine didn't get messed up because I poured it slowly and the liquids on the side of the cup. The reason it's layered is because the denser liquids sink to the bottom while the less dense stay on top." ~Shantae D.
"I think you have to put the thicker layers in first because the thicker layers are more dense. So that makes the thinner layers stay on top." ~Branden L.