Friday, February 11, 2011

Getting Goal-Oriented with Coco!

Coco Ho returned to Aliamanu today for a visit! We created a special GRLZ 4 Change program this Friday for the girls to get some time with Coco to hear about her career and to talk about their own life goals. It was great to see Coco being so honest and authentic with the girls. It really created an environment where they felt comfortable to share about themselves as well. My favorite part was when Heather told the group that her goal was to sing in front of a crowd besides just her school. So Coco encouraged her to get up in front of the girls and share her signing skills with us. She did great.
After they talked for a bit, they played charades to act our their goals! There's tons of funny pictures on our Picasa album! And check out what the girls had to say about their time with Coco:

"It was fun when we played with Coco because we got to talk about our goals and what we love to do. We got to act out what we would want to be. My goal was being a professional basketball player." ~Melysa

"We talked with Coco Ho about goals today. My goal is to be a wedding planner. My favorite part was the games. Our team won! It was so much fun. Thanks Boys & Girls Club!" ~Brianna
"When we spent time with Coco, we played a game and talked about what our goals were. My favorite part was hearing the funny things she said like how she wears all, well mostly Volcom. Then she told us that it was mostly everything except her socks and underwear! This really made me laugh!" ~Carla

"We talked about goals and stuff and played a game. And Coco Ho was awesome! And I love her clothes!" ~Maria
"We played games and talked about our goals in life. What a lot of fun! I'm gonna miss her." ~Heather

And I loved Aleigha's drawing so much that I had to just scan and post her blog... :)