Friday, February 4, 2011

Pro Bowl Recycling Project

Our last major event of last weekend was the Pro Bowl Recycling Project. Aliamanu LITs teamed up with LITs from clubs all over the island to work together to collect cans and bottles from fans tailgating in the parking lot. The proceeds will be split among the clubhouses as a fundraiser.

"The Pro Bowl Recycling Drive was awesome. I met so many people like Jonathan who was helping give the trash bins to us and he was a good friend. The best part was sorting bottles and cans so we didn't have to walk around all day through the whole lower lot. Once we were done with nearly two hours of sorting, I felt so tired and could barely walk. Everyone else was tired too--we all fell asleep on the bus ride home. When the day was finished, I was relieved but I felt good also." ~Branden W.
"When I was at the Pro Bowl game it was so much fun because we passed out paper bags to random people to recycle cans and bottles." ~Kawehi
"During our recycling project we collected cans from people who were tailgating at the Pro Bowl. Even though it rained and it was messy, it was fun. In the end I think we raised a lot of money by collecting the cans. Also I think it was fun to just hang out with others." ~Shantae
"This weekend we went to a sleepover. It was fun. The next day we had a recycling project. A lot of people helped. We went around and asked people if they would help. Then it rained on us. By the time the rain stopped we were all wet. It was a lot of work! When we got on the bus a few people fell asleep!" ~Gabby C.