Friday, February 4, 2011

NFL Pro Bowl Clinics at Kapiolani Park!

Last weekend the Pro Bowl came to town and the Boys & Girls Club was lucky enough to participate in some pretty awesome events! Saturday morning Aliamanu took 30 youth to Kapiolani Park for a football & cheerleading clinic. Check out what everyone had to say about it! It's fun to see how all the kids had their own unique, memorable experiences.

"On Saturday from 8:30am-12:30pm we went to the Pro Bowl clinic at Kapiolani Park in Waikiki. We had this obstacle course for football. And, while we played football, the NFL players signed our tee shirts. We had so much fun! I had a great time! We ran and we played hard!" ~Justice M.
"I did running drills and passing drills. I got a shirt and a bag and water bottle. Also, I got the players autographs. I was really fun and exciting!" ~Jimmy G.

"Cheerleading was fun but the sun was scorching! I liked yelling even though the cheers were weird. When the cheerleaders autographed my shirt it tickled. We sang in the bus on the ride home and it sounded horrible but it was fun!" ~Maria M.

"Hey, this is Courtney! I had so much fun at the NFL Clinic. I did the football part. Let me tell you, it was FUN! There were 4 stations to do, free gatorade and people in the NFL and we got their autographs!! I had fun and I hope we do something like that again." ~Courtney N.
"The Pro Bowl clinic was really fun. I did cheerleading and I had to yell a lot so my voice was hoarse the next day. I learned two cheers which were super cool. And I got to see cute boys play football...hehe! It was really fun!" ~Heather F.

"The football clinic was fun and I saw 5 NFL football players. I remembered the Miami Dolphins and the Atlanta Falcons. We had 4 types of places to play at such as football drills. At the end we got cool bags and tee shirts." ~Nico D.

"My favorite part was meeting the players. We got to play with them and throw the football and after we got cool bags and cool pictures with them and they signed our shirts too!" ~Erinne D.

"The NFL Clinic was awesome! I met Devon Bess, he was my favorite player and I always used to look up to him. I also got souvenirs like a Play 60 bag and a water bottle. It was awesome. I hope we do the clinic again." ~Branden W.

"At the Pro Bowl I chose the cheerleading. It was fun but it got a little confusing because they went fast. I got a free bag and a water bottle! Also I got some autographs from the cheerleading. My favorite part was when me, Carole and the kids were taking pictures." ~Kiana M.
"The Pro Bowl clinic was very fun. We had to do a lot of fun activities. The first thing that we had to do was that we had to put on the bands and then we had to wear these tee shirts and then after that we played a lot of games that kept us active and in shape. And then after all those games we got a bag with a bottle. Then we got to meet football players. It was fun!" ~Ariitema V.

"There was a coach that challenged me to do the Dougie! One of the NFL players chose me to play catch. When the coach threw the ball I ran to catch it but fell and slipped in front of everybody! I had fun though!" ~Melysa K.

"Pro Bowl was fun. We learned 3 new cheers. Overall I was tired but yet I had a good time with the Boys & Girls Club. Hopefully this will happen again next year because I enjoyed it. I really enjoyed tumbling and doing the splits again. It felt good to flex out, lol!" ~Carole A.
"The football clinic was fun and a good experience. When I arrived at Kapiolani Park, we got some super cool tee shirts. Then we went into our lines. So we waited for a while, then the fun began. We played games like walking in these squares, running around cones, throwing footballs and pulling the other team's flags. After we played all the awesome activities, we ate lunch, rested and left. What a great day I will never forget! :)" ~Huni P.

To see all the photos from the event, visit our Picasa Album!