Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Healthy Treats for No-Bake Cooking

In our no-bake cooking program, Dani's been teaching the youth how easy it is to make snacks and small meals instead of always eating out. This week they made one of their favorites--smoothies! Everyone loved them!

"Oh wow! The smoothies are mmm mmm good! But the bananas made it have a funny after taste. Just a little! But they were still good. Especially the BEFORE taste...haha! I'm silly. We should do this again. Maybe I can bring my own things to put in it!" ~Sarah G.
"That was so much fun! It was delicious and tasty! Most of all yummy for our tummy. It's healthier than going to McDonald's." ~Melysa K.

"The smoothies were delicious. I think they could've had more strawberry though!" ~Heather F.
"The smoothie was very delicious and I really enjoyed it. I hope to make more next time." ~Arii V.

"This was so much fun because we got to make smoothies with our friends. And it's healthier than McDonald's!" ~Dominic D.
"The smoothies were very delicious. Yummy and healthy with bananas, strawberries and there was even yogurt and milk. It makes your yummy tummy feel good!" ~Justice M.