Tuesday, May 24, 2011

10th Annual Ocean Sports & Fitness Day

This past Saturday all of the clubs joined each other at Kailua Beach Park for the 10th Annual Ocean Sports & Fitness Day. Even though the weather was a bit rainy at times, the kids still had a blast playing together at the beach! Volunteers from Bank of Hawaii, HIC, Aloha Surf Life Saving, and the UH Volleyball team helped the youth learn new skills in three different areas: surfing, boogie boarding & stand-up paddling, volleyball, and paddling & ocean safety. Everyone played really hard and had a good time...it was great seeing children who don't normally "hang out" together at the become new friends and learn together.
Naomi participated in the volleyball clinic and her favorite part was when the kids played against the UH volleyball players, because her team actually did a good job with the bumps and with volleyball the ball over the net. She loved learning how to set backwards too! Matthew J. was having a tough time at first in volleyball, but then Coach Scott gave him some one-on-one lessons to help him out.
Chelsea loved the canoe paddling because it was fun to see everything paddling together as a team to make the boat go. Diano and Brandon loved the jet skis because they liked how fast they got to go and it made the water spray in their face and whipped their hair around.
Gabby loved her first surfing experience because she finally got a chance to learn something she'd been wanted to do for a long time. Raemart and Jonathan loved surfing too, even though it was pretty hard and intense. And Heather and Zack had fun slipping and sliding on the red floating mats that were set up in the middle of the ocean. Jamal had a blast on the boogie board all afternoon long!

To check out all of the photos from our event, visit our Picasa album!