Monday, May 9, 2011


GRLZ 4 Change is spending the month of May focusing on transitions. The transitions that many youth at our club will experience as the club closes, as 8th graders move on to high school, and as military youth prepare to move with their parents' careers.

Miss Dani led an open discussion about this transition surrounding the topic of "co-pilots." Co-pilots are people that you depend on throughout your life. They can come in and out of your life, and be positive or negative or even both depending on the situation. Everyone has a core group of co-pilots, such as their family and close friends, that will always be there for them. As individuals go through different life transitions, sometimes new people will become co-pilots. Each girl in the program listed who their co-pilots were, and then shared with the group. Read on to see what they thought of the program and of their own "co-pilots."

"Co-pilots change because things change. For example, moving, fights, sicknesses or death can change your co-pilots. The best and most important friends stay in your life forever. So make good friends and find out over time who is the most important." ~Maria
"My co-pilot changed my life by helping me. They are there for me when I'm totally out of it. And they listen to my boy drama!" ~Heather

"Co-pilots change for a lot of reasons, one is because they might change. Then you might not like them as much. Also you might not be able to keep in contact, for example if they move to another country and you don't have a facebook and don't want to pay more. They make us feel special." ~Courtney
"Co-pilots can change. You might get in a fight and not be friends. They come and go. Having a co-pilot can change who you are." ~Gabby

"In your life you might meet certain people that will change your life. That's why they're called best friends forever (BFF), like if you think you're invisible they might be the only person that can see you, but that might change when that person leaves, but you have to remember that you will be that same girl that your best friend saw." ~Jasmine
"Friends change because they move and meet new people (especially if you're military). But there are a million other people in the world so there are many people to meet. People change for many reasons." ~Jahcianna

"To me friendship is important because they're always there for you, and plus they're almost like family to me. Even though they go to other people they will always be my friend because they're my friends. If I needed help they'd be there to help me. Elementary friends remain as my friends because we had memories together, always laughing and having fun. That's why my friends are important to me!" ~Jaimie
"Friendship is important to me because they're like family. They might come and go but they would make me laugh on my sad days. So that's why friendship is important to me." ~Caitlin

"Co-pilots are important if you did not have them you would have to think and do everything on your own. My co-pilot's name was Logan. She shared a brain with me, but I had to move. But I still know she is my co-pilot." ~Keonna
"Co-pilots are important to me because they have been by my side every time. When my friends move away, we would still be best friends. When some of my friends move, it affects my life because they are not coming back to visit and it means that they're in another new place." ~Amber