Monday, May 9, 2011

Mad Science Returns with Elephant Toothpaste!

Today we made Elephant Toothpaste for Mad Science. By combining hydrogen peroxide, yeast and soap we created foam that shot up the bottle and over-flowed. The yeast was the catalyst and the soap made it bubbly, and the peroxide helped the oxygen atoms release faster! Best. Science. Experiment. Ever. ~Miss Dani

"We made this project called Elephant Toothpaste. We had a bottle, food coloring, funnel, yeast, soap, cup and hot water. We added the hydrogen peroxide in the cup and added the food coloring. We put it in the bottle by using the funnel. Then we put the yeast in the cup and added hot water, then mixed it all up and we put it in the bottle by using the funnel and then it blew up! Bubbles came out of the was so cool!" ~Justice
"We made Elephant Toothpaste. We used water, yeast, a bottle, and more. We mixed the things together and it made foam. The peroxide molecules release the oxygen atoms faster. It was fun." ~Gabby

"During this experiment we mixed soap, yeast and hydrogen peroxide. By mixing them the yeast made the peroxide molecules release oxygen into the air quicker. Which means bubbles came shooting out!" ~Shantae

"Today we made Elephant Toothpaste. We threw it at each other! I liked the experiment because it was fun to make and play with. It shoots up from the bottle. The yeast is the catalyst." ~Rachel