Sunday, May 22, 2011

No-Bake Cooking Teaches Healthy Kitchen Habits

This month for No-Bake Cooking, the youth have been learning more advanced cooking skills and proper cooking habits to prevent cross-contamination. Check out what they've got to say about this delicious program!

"I learned that it's better to clean a pan before cooking something different. Also, I learned how to cook Portuguese sausage." ~Shantae
"I learned how to break an egg and how to whisk it." ~Aiyaisha
"I learned that SPAM gets flavor from the Portuguese sausage juice. I learned that eggs taste better with flavor added!" ~Raphael
"I learned that you have to be clean cooking things. You also have to make sure the food is cooked enough too. Also, you have to be careful when working with heat." ~Zeren

"I found out that you should always wash your hands to avoid cross contamination." ~Courtney
"When you cook hot dogs you must wash your hands before you start. Then you place the hot dogs in the pan. After you touch the hot dogs you must wash your hands again. Then you heat the hot dogs until they're browner than before." ~Jahcianna

"Today I learned that it is important to wash your hands, and you should wash your hands when touching/using different products. When a hot dog is cooked, it is browner than it was before. And Miss Dani loves pie." ~Huni