Monday, May 9, 2011

LUV2Run Finishes Strong at the Jamba 5K

The LUV2Run program finished this past weekend with its third and final 5K race, the Jamba Juice Banana Man Chase. Miss Natalie, Courtney and Heather were up bright and early to join the large crowd of kids and adults at Ala Moana Beach Park and run their hearts out. The girls did great, but I'll let them tell you all about it...

Lacing up and getting ready to run at the last minute!

One of the man "Banana Man" runners that we chased throughout the race!

"This past Saturday I did the Banana Man Race!! It was so much fun! First, we got there...haha. Then we got ready. After that, we ran! When we started there were people dressed up as bananas. Then we saw one guy...he was dressed up as a gorilla! I didn't stop running until a mile and a half. I was proud of time was 34 minutes. After it was over we got our face painted. I got flowers and a banana, even though the painter said she wasn't supposed to paint anything but the designs they had set out. Then we got balloon animals--I got a bear on a heart. Then I went home and slept all day. I hope I can do that race again next year!" ~Courtney

BGCH LUV2Run Logos on our tee shirts!
"The race was very fun! I saw my music teacher and my school's computer technician. I ran the race in 42 minutes (my goal was 50!). I got my face painted and I got a balloon monkey. And one more thing...I love Jamba Juice!" ~Heather

All of the activities afterward were a great way to celebrate our accomplishments!