Tuesday, May 24, 2011

GRLZ 4 Change Reflect on the Year

For the last GRLZ 4 Change meeting, Miss Dani and Miss Bri asked the girls to reflect on the all of the different programs they did throughout the year. The girls did a great job remembering everything they learned.
"Girls for Change is about influential women. They help people in need and other things, like Coco Ho and Taylor Swift. Influential women are women that inspire other women to do things that they thought they couldn't do like Bethany Hamilton. Her arm got bitten off by a shark, but she kept on trying to surf again. After all her practicing, push-ups, side-ups, and pull-ups, she won fifth place in a surfing competition. Girls for Change helps me realize that I can do what I put my mind to." ~Jasmine A.

"Communication is important because that is how we human beings communicate/talk to each other. When we communicate, we ask questions, sing songs, talk, teach others, and/or answer questions. If we couldn't or didn't have communication, I think this world would be bizarre and out of control. When we played telephone it was important to listen carefully and pass the right information. Spreading rumors is not good. When rumors are passed it causes hate and fights." ~Huni

"Hey, this is Courtney. Today I am talking about what I learned about hygiene. I learned that it's really important. If you don't take care of your body, you could get diseases and it could hurt you. You need to regularly take a shower, was your body, hair and clothes, and have a clean house. If affects your life a lot. We did a hygiene drive around Thanksgiving. I had fun and it helped other people. We got things like toothpaste and toothbrushes and mouthwash. Also shampoo and conditioner. This is only a small bit of what we got. We donated it the "Project Hawaii" program, its for homeless kids. We stood outside of Longs and collected the items. I was surprised at how generous people were. We also got money donations. We raised about $200! I was very happy and I had fun." ~Courtney

"My favorite GRLZ 4 Change activity was the PSAs because I could talk about a topic that has happened personally to my friend. If gave me a chance to think about these girl's lives. It gave me a resource if this ever happens to me. My PSA was on teen pregnancy." ~Heather

"Friendship is a good thing. Friends support you and help you. You always know that your friend is there for you. Friends are important to you because they know you the best." ~Gabby

"Coco Ho is a professional surfer. She came to our Aliamanu club in February for the GRLZ 4 Change program. When she came we took lots of pictures. We also showed her around the club and she signed autographs. What I really liked about her was that she was active, funny and smart. She played basketball, pool, ping pong and a lot of other things with us. I really enjoyed her spending time with us. I hope that she comes back again!" ~ Arii

"When you apply makeup on your face you should first wash your face. When you put on mascara you go bottom to top. Makeup and eyeliner are the two must have makeups--you must have these! Girls for Change helped me to learn the importance of putting on makeup properly." ~Jahcianna

"For April Fool's Day we got the boys with water balloons! All the boys were mad at us when we did it. They had dodgeballs with them so they started to throw balls at us. It was fun!" ~Gabby

"My favorite activity is the make-up thingy. That was my favorite activity because we go to win makeup by answering questions about makeup and hygiene. And we also got to take it home! It was really fun!" ~Arii

"Relationships never last forever and unfortunately some relationships can be abusive. To have a healthy relationship you must try to avoid fighting with your partner. Girls for Change taught me that some friendships don't last, but others will last your whole life." ~Jahcianna