Monday, May 9, 2011

Glee Fans Gain Life Lessons

If you've ever been at the club on Wednesday afternoons, you'll likely find a group of youth crowded around the TV, with some even singing and dancing along to the Glee episodes. This program started back in March for anti-bullying month and by popular demand, we've continued it through April and May. Check out what some of the kids are learning from their favorite TV show:

"The episode we watched was about Rachel. She is getting her nose replaced and Curt comes back to his school. The Glee Club wore shirts with words on them that represented something they can't do or something they don't like about them self. Mr. Shue taught us to be proud of who you are. I learned to be happy about my self." ~Zachary P.

"In this episode Curt came back because the bully is now nice. The Glee Club had shirts that had something that they don't like about themselves. The show taught us to be yourself and be the way you are." ~Zepha

"This episode was about singing and accepting your flaws. It showed that everybody is special in their own way and I should be proud of who I am." ~Zeren