Monday, May 9, 2011

LITs Explore the Masks they Wear

The LITs have been participating in a multi-session project that is part of the Journey program to facilitate self-discovery and growth. Using casting strips, they created actual masks on their faces that accurately reflected the size and shape of their facial features. The next step will be to decorate the masks with paint to further illustrate what their masks reveal and hide about their personalities. A few of the LITs had some interesting reflections on the activity...

"I feel that this project was the hardest project because I had to stay still. I also felt silly with a head band on and it was pulling my skin which made me feel uncomfortable. My mask revealed that I was moving too much because it was a little crooked. Something my mask hides is my angry personality. I have to put this mask on during baseball games because when I strike out I can't throw the bat on the ground. The most difficult part about this activity was staying still because I don't like to stay still. I made myself stay still by telling myself to 'shh.' One positive aspect of this activity is I liked to put the Vaseline on because it felt cold. Another positive thing in this activity is it tested my endurance by showing me how long I could sit still." ~Bradley
"It felt kind of cool because my face was being covered and I looked like the Jabberwockies because it was white. It reveals that I have a big nose and eyes which is real weird to see like that. It hides my eyebrows and my 'girlstache!' It was hard to avoid smiling and laughing because Justice kept trying to make me laugh. I liked that we put the Vaseline on my face because it felt soft and it protected my face from getting hurt when we took the mask off. But it was greasy and smelled weird!" ~Arii

"I felt that this project was weird because after Gabby put the first strip on my nose, my nose because itchy. My mask hides all my facial expressions that I show. My face reveals all my true feelings about others. Because I could easily just tell someone that I like them, but my facial expression shows how I really feel if I don't like them. The most difficult part about this project was to not laugh or smile. What I mostly liked about it was trying to wiggle my way out of my mask. I also liked how it shows every detail on my face." ~Shantae

"This project was fun. It was fun to put casting strips on our faces. The mask reveals what you look like. It hides your personality because behind it, people don't know what you're really like. The most difficult part about this project was staying still. What I liked the most was trusting the person with putting casting strips on my face. I like how my mask looks like me too. But putting Vaseline on your face was not the best because it smells! The part of my personality that my mask hides is that I like to try new things." ~Gabby

"This project felt very weird and strange because of what I had to put on my face like the Vaseline and the casting strips. This mask reveals me because I was like someone else, like it was somebody in me. It hides my true identity. The most difficult part was putting the casting strips on my face. It was very cold and wet. I liked this activity because once you get the hang of it, it gets really easy. The thing I like the most about my mask is that it's really cool, even though once you take it off you're a little sore." ~Justice